Rental Prices

Size Daily Weekly
13′x20′ $200-$300 $450-$650


  • All sizes may vary slightly since they are hand made and hand cut.
  • All backdrops have 9-13 rivets along the top 13′ length for easy installation onto stands.
  • Fashion Backdrops are thicker and denser than most other backdrops.
  • We use high density quality muslin for all backdrops.
  • Does not include aluminum stands, crossbars, clamps, or ropes.

Rental Terms

  • Daily and weekly rentals may be picked up between 1pm – 5pm the day before the shoot, and returned between 8am – 11am the day after the shoot.
  • Weekly rentals have a 6 days shooting maximum.
  • Exchanges and returns may be made anytime between 8am – 11am the day of the shoot. A $100 cancellation fee will be charged on returned items.
  • Client accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage while in client’s possession.


  • Round-trip delivery in LA is available at an additional cost. Please select LA Delivery during checkout.
  • Fashion Backdrops is able to ship backdrops to most any location world-wide.

Custom Backdrops

  • Prices will vary depending on style, color, texture, and size. Please refer to the Custom Orders link.